22-25 October, 2017


This session presents recent developments in methodology and applications for the analysis of cyclostratigraphy with the twin goals of improving high-resolution geochronology and understanding paleoclimate change.


Cyclostratigraphy aims to investigate astronomical cycles (the Earth’s orbital eccentricity, obliquity, and precession) preserved in sedimentary rocks that were influenced by climate- driven deposition affected by insolation. Cyclostratigraphy has wide applications including high-resolution geochronology, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography and astronomy. In order to improve communications among practitioners of cyclostratigraphy, this session seeks to promote recent and ongoing developments in cyclostratigraphy. 


Linda A. Hinnov (George Mason University)
Stephen R. Meyers (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Ken Kodama (Lehigh University)

Scientific Categories:

Paleoclimatology/Paleoceanography, Stratigraphy, Sediments, Carbonates


Cushman Foundation; Geochemical Society; Geologic TimeScale Foundation; Winners Academic Solutions; YES Network; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division


Chao Ma (University of Utah; chao.ma@utah.edu )
Mingsong Li (Penn State University; mul450@psu.edu)
M'bark Baddouh (George Mason University; mbaddouh@gmu.edu )

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