Acycle is a comprehensive, but simple-to-use software package for analysis of time-series designed for paleoclimate research and education. 
Acycle runs either in the MATLAB environment or as a stand-alone application on Windows and Macintosh OSIt is an open-source package and is available free of charge.

[What they say]
Dr. J. Fred Read (Emeritus Professor of Sedimentary Geology, Dept of Geosciences, Virginia Tech, USA)
I am writing to express my appreciation for all the hard work and thought that has gone into the development of the Acycle software program. It is truly an amazing contribution to the geosciences community. As someone who has spent much of the last 50 years trying to understand cyclic carbonates on shallow platforms, and having been involved with my students in some of the early work on stratigraphic modelling of the effects of Milankovitch forcing of carbonate platform stratigraphy, I was blown away by the power of the Acycle software.
In the old days we used in house programs from our geophysicist Cahit Coruh, and recently I have used Analyseries, kSpectra and Timefrq43, moving from Dos to Windows to Mac, jumping from one to the other to get the job done. Acycle has done away with the need for this, and I have been impressed with how very user friendly the program is – an indication of the tremendous effort and thought that has gone into putting this together.
You should all feel very proud of this contribution. It opens up much needed access to these powerful tools for a wide audience in the sedimentary geology and paleoclimate community. Thanks again for all your efforts. A really marvellous job.
Dr. James Ogg (Professor, DEPT. EARTH, ATMOS. & PLANET. SCI., Purdue University, USA):
"Mingsong Li's Acycle software enables us to quickly analyze the potential of new outcrops and boreholes, and then to determine the sedimentation rates and elapsed time. His Acycle software will become the standard tool for time-scale applications by all international workers."

Dr. Paul E. Olsen (Arthur Storke Memorial Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Columbia University; Member, National Academy of Sciences of the USA):
"Not only is this software powerful and effective, it is also simple to use and therefore benefits researchers and at all levels within the paleoclimatology community, from novices to experts."

Dr. Marco Franceschi (Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Padova, Italy):
“Dr. Li’s software is being immensely valuable to my work. Some of the stratigraphic series I am studying display a prominent cyclicity, but were deposited in contexts characterized by relevant changes in sedimentation rates and often lack accurate geochronological constraints. Acycle has been designed specifically for dealing with similar cases, by tackling them with a rigorous statistical approach, and therefore is providing an invaluable tool for their investigation.”

Dr. Xu Yao (Professor, School of Earth Sciences, Lanzhou University, China)
“I am working on cyclostratigraphy and paleoclimate study of ancient strata and rocks (270 million years ago) with assistance from Acycle software. I also introduced this software to my colleagues whose research areas are paleoclimate implications of Quaternary loess (several thousand years ago). My colleagues have given me really good feedbacks about Acycle software.”

Dr. Christian Zeeden (IMCCE, Observatoire de Paris, France):
Dr. Li’s software is novel and valuable in this context, especially because it facilitates the easy application of otherwise complex calculations.”

Dr. Arsenio Muñoz Jiménez (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Zaragoza, Spain):
“Thank you very much and congratulations for the acycle software. I am using it and it is very very useful and interesting.”

Dr. Nicolas R. Thibault (University of Copenhagen, Denmark):
“I’ve been playing a lot with the excellent Acycle package for Matlab that Mingsong developed. Congratulations, this is a very nice interface that simplifies a lot our work and makes it truly faster to analyse a time-series.”​​​​​​​
Acycle provides astronomical solutions, insolation data, time-series data preparation tools, detrending procedures with multiple options available to track or remove secular trends, and integrates various power spectral analysis approaches for detection and tracking of periodic signals.
Acycle also provides a toolbox that evaluates astronomical signals in paleoclimate series, and estimates the most likely sedimentation rate by maximizing the correlation coefficient between power spectra of an astronomical solution and a paleoclimate series. Sedimentary noise models for sea-level variations are also included.
Many of the functions are specific to cyclostratigraphy and astrochronology, and are not found in standard, statistical packages.
May 20, 2019
Acycle v1.2 has new stuff:
    1. Signal/Noise generator: a GUI to replace old tools generating "sine wave", "red noise" and "white noise";
    2. Evolutionary spectral analysis: add one option for zero-padding both top and bottom of series, this is to add back the missed half-window due to the sliding window methods. [Thank Dr. Nicolas R. Thibault (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) for this wonderful suggestion.]
    3. Evolutionary spectral analysis: add sub-panels showing 2-pi-MTM power spectrum and data-series [Thank Daniel R. Franco (Department of Geophysics, National Observatory, Brazil) for this wonderful suggestion.]
    4. Support SPACE in file name and folder name.
    5. COCO: detect test limits of sedimentation rate automatically.

Acycle v1.1:

    1. eCOCO: save optimal sed. rate as a text file: "*.ECOCO.Optimal.txt";
    2. eTimeOpt: save optimal sed. rate as a text file: "*.eTimeOpt.txt";
    3. TimeOpt and eTimeOpt use Taner roll-off rate of 1012 ;
    4. Put back lost smoothci.m and smoothciML.m files;
    5. Icons in the main window: remove borders of each button;
    6. Fix a bug in Plot Digitizer;
    7. Add a Mini-robot GUI.

Mingsong Li, Penn State
E-mail:    mul450 {at};
               limingsonglms {at} 

Please cite: Mingsong Li, Linda Hinnov, Lee Kump, 2019. Acycle: time-series analysis software for paleoclimate research and education. Computers & Geosciences. [PDF1] [PDF2]
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Some figures:
Acycle software
Structure of the Acycle software
Acycle menu
Acycle insolation toolbox and mean insolation map from March 21 to Sept. 23 for the past 100 kyr (1-100) at 50-80°N using the Laskar et al. (2004) solutions. The calculate uses a solar constant of 1365 w/m^2.
Evolutionary power spectra of the astronomical solution.
Evolutionary power spectra, 2pi MTM power spectrum of La04 ETP over the past 2000 kyr. [Read More]
Detrending GUI and results 
2π multi-taper method power spectrum of the gamma ray series is shown with 20% median-smoothed spectrum, background AR(1) model, and 90%, 95%, 99%, and 99.9% confidence levels.
Gaussian filter [Read More]
Correlation coefficient (COCO) tells the most likely sedimentation rate is ~10 cm/kyr, with a significance level of 0.1%. All seven orbital parameters are used in the estimation. [Read More]
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