May 20, 2019

Acycle v1.2 has new stuff:
    1. Signal/Noise generator: a GUI to replace old tools generating "sine wave", "red noise" and "white noise";
    2. Evolutionary spectral analysis: add one option for zero-padding both top and bottom of series, this is to add back the missed half-window due to the sliding window methods. [Thank Dr. Nicolas R. Thibault (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) for this wonderful suggestion.]
    3. Evolutionary spectral analysis: add sub-panels showing 2-pi-MTM power spectrum and data-series [Thank Daniel R. Franco (Department of Geophysics, National Observatory, Brazil) for this wonderful suggestion.]
    4. Support SPACE in file name and folder name.
    5. COCO: detect test limits of sedimentation rate automatically.​​​​​​​

Acycle v1.1:

    1. eCOCO: save optimal sed. rate as a text file: "*.ECOCO.Optimal.txt";
    2. eTimeOpt: save optimal sed. rate as a text file: "*.eTimeOpt.txt";
    3. TimeOpt and eTimeOpt use Taner roll-off rate of 1012 ;
    4. Put back lost smoothci.m and smoothciML.m files;
    5. Icons in the main window: remove borders of each button;
    6. Fix a bug in Plot Digitizer;
    7. Add a Mini-robot GUI.
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