Acycle is a comprehensive, but "user-friendly" software for time-series analysis designed for paleoclimatology and education. 

1. Standalone versions of the software for both Mac and Windows have been released. 

Users don’t have to run an expensive MatLab for Acycle anymore. 
You can find “How to install" in sections 3.4-3.5 in User’s Guide (

2. The Acycle software has been upgraded to version 0.3. 

A bunch of fantastic tools is included, including a mini-robot for time series analysis, detrending, spectral analysis with a robust red noise model, evolutionary FFT, wavelet transform, filtering, tuning, sedimentary noise model, evaluating sedimentation rate and hypothesis testing; Bayesian changepoint function, get grayscale data from a core image, insolation, astronomical solutions, and more. 
The graphic user interface (GUI) has been greatly refined for both Mac and Windows versions. 
It is as "user-friendly" as Analyseries.

I would highly appreciate if you could spend 1-2 minutes to answer some questions related to Acycle and your computer: (in English and Chinese). 
This will help improve Acycle in the future.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you find any bug or need further information. Thank you very much.

Happy New Year,


Useful links:

Standalone versions (either Mac or Windows): 

A quick glance of Acycle software (see our AGU poster):

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