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Program Manager
Mingsong Li
Penn State
E-mail:    mul450 {at} psu.edu;
               limingsonglms {at} gmail.com 


Please acknowledge the program author on any publication of scientific results based in part on use of the program and cite the following article in which the program was described:
Mingsong Li, Linda Hinnov, Lee Kump. 2019. Acycle: Time-series analysis software for paleoclimate projects and education, Computers & Geosciences. 127, 12-22. doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cageo.2019.02.011. [PDF1] [PDF2]
If you publish results using techniques such as correlation coefficient, sedimentary noise model, power decomposition analysis, evolutionary fast Fourier transform, wavelet transform, Bayesian change point, (e)TimeOpt, Spectral Moments or other approaches, please also cite original publications, as detailed in Acycle Wiki and the Users Guide at


Please give it a "⭐️Star "  if you like this software. (top right corner of the github page)

Program Author
Mingsong Li (Pennsylvania State University)
Linda A. Hinnov (George Mason University)

Jacques Laskar (Astronomical solution)
Richard Zeebe (Astronomical solution)
Eric Ruggieri (Bayesian Change Point)
Jonathan Levine, Peter Huybers (Insolation)
Matthias Sinnesael (Spectral Moments)
Stephen Meyers (TimeOpt/eTimeOpt)
Jeffrey Park (Multitaper Adaptive Weighting, Harmonic F-Test)
Christopher Torrence, Gilbert Compo (Wavelet)

Feng Cheng
Anne-Christine Da Silva
Hewei Duan
Zheng Gong
Yanan Fang
Marco Franceschi
Daniel R. Franco
Xiaoni Hu
Dorothée Husson
Arsenio Muñoz Jiménez
Ilja Kocken
Lee R. Kump
Dongyang Liu
Kunyuan Ma
Mathieu Martinez
James Ogg
Paul Olsen
J. Fred Read
Chen Shen
Nicolas R. Thibault
Victor A. Piedrahita Velez
Chuanyue Wang
Meng Wang
Xu Yao
Tan Zhang
Qiyan Zhang
Yang (Wendy) Zhang
Christian Zeeden

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