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Acycle v2.2
Date    : Mar 24, 2020 - June 6, 2020
    1. Power spectral analysis
        For MTM, periodogram, and Lomb methods: Add the power-law model and bending power-law model.
    2. Add curve fitting method for robust AR1 confidence level estimation.
        This method is now the default method.
    3. Allowing more control: bias correction for the robust AR1 estimation,
        designed for the ultra-high resolution data.
    4. Plot Preview: show multiple panels for multi-column data.
    5. Spectral Analysis GUI: show \rho value in the title; allow nw = 1 for MTM.
    6. Add a new tool: Basic Series -> Length-of-day & day-of-year.
    7. "Math - Smooth - Bootstrap": change data saving style.
    8. Build Age Model: save and plot sedimentation rate; plot age model.
    9. Add coherence and phase analysis.
    10. Bootstrap: fill plot.
    11. Plot Preview: add legend.
Acycle 2.1:
Date : Sept 17, 2019 - Feb 23, 2020
NOTE : ask for MatLab RUNTIME 2019a
1. Update Spectral Moments section in the Users' Guide of Acycle
    Thank Matthias Sinnesael for the suggestions.
2. Include f-test and amplitude spectrum for the MTM power spectrum
    Allow to plot X-axis in either period domain or frequency domain
    using Linda Hinnov's ftestmtm.m and mtmdofs.m scripts
    Please cite: Kodama, K.P., Hinnov, L.A., 2015. Rock Magnetic Cyclostratigraphy. Wiley-Blackwell.
3. Prewhitening GUI
    Refined rho1 of the robust AR1 model
    Thank Zheng Gong for this reminder.
4. Spectral Moments: bug fixed.
    Now the polynomial model of smoothing can produce correct results.
5. Fix a display bug in the Filtering GUI.
    Thank Victor A. Piedrahita Velez (Australian National University) for this bug report.
6. Disabling printing underscore as a subscript in figures
7. Clarify the significance level in COCO and F-test
8. Turn on 'recycle' model for 'Delete' function
9. Update Users' Guide: required toolboxes; Acycle & macOS Catalina 10.15
    To save space, Acycle software won't include Users Guide PDF file.
10. Insolation: Restore default values for GUIs of Insolation and Astronomical Solutions
11. Update Plot Pro GUI
12. Update Filtering GUI
    The frequency response of the Taner filter can be shown in the Filtering GUI.
    Taner filter GUI includes a roll-off rate (c) option
    Frequency responses of highpass, lowpass and bandstop can be shown also.
    Thank Linda Hinnov and Kunyuan Ma.
13. Add a new GUI: Interpolation Series,
    Changing sampling rates of a target series using a given reference series
    Thank Daniel R. Franco!
14. Age Scale: change the name to "Age Scale | Tuning"
    Preview model of tuning: Displaying Sediment Records with both Age and Depth Axis with MATLAB
    Following code by MARTIN H. TRAUTH (Sept. 25, 2018)
15. To reduce the size of Acycle, ZB18a solution was included and ZB17 solutions were removed.
Acycle 2.0:
Date    : Aug 25, 2019 - Sept 2, 2019

NOTE    : Acycle v2.0 asks for MatLab RUNTIME 2019a
    1. Completely redesign the GUI for the COCO and eCOCO tool
        a, allow spearman correlation method for spectral correlation
        b, combine COCO and eCOCO tools into one GUI.
        c, show data, its periodogram and red noise spectrum as a seperated plot
        d, show test sed. rates and number of test rates
        e, show astronomical cycles of selected solution for the given age
        f, eCOCO: padding edge option
    2. Move eCOCO plot to the COCO/eCOCO GUI
    3. Move "track sed. rate" tool to the COCO/eCOCO GUI
    4. Test default working folder writable or not. Warning if not writable.
    5. Add the "Spectral Moments" tool by Sinnesael, M., Zivanovic, M., De Vleeschouwer, D.,
         Claeys, P. (2018)
    6. Fix a bug of legend in "Math - Smoothing - Bootstrap"; add warning msgbox
    7. TimeOpt/eTimeOpt add a msgbox to direct users for advanced version
        of (e)TimeOpt in astrochron
    8. Update the "copyright" and acknowledgment
    9. Include ZB18a astronomical solution
    10. Update Users' Guide v2.0
    11. LR04 Stack data cleaned.
    12. Fix many bugs due to MatLab RUNTIME 2019a Compiler.

Acycle v1.3 
Date    : Aug 6, 2019; 11:20 am
    1. Spectral Analysis toolbox: Add more flexibility to MTM analysis:
            increase ability from integer numbers 2pi, 3pi, etc. to 
            include any numbers, e.g., 2.45pi, 6.1pi, etc.
            add log(frequency) plot option;
            change the name of output files;
            bugs in the plot fixed
        Thanks Prof. Linda Hinnov (George Mason University) for the comment.
    2. Wavelet toolbox: fix a bug in standalone versions of Acycle
        Thank Dr. Xu Yao (Lanzhou University, China) for this suggestion.
    3. Automatic update: check the last open date and update frequency of the software
        If the software has not been used for 30 days, 
            it will check whether there is a newer version.
        If the last update occurred more than 90 days, 
            it will check whether there is a newer version.
        Warning: If the access to GitHub is slow, 
            this automatic check process can be very slow.
            It does happen in mainland China for some reasons (you know). 
            And the start-up of Acycle can take up to 2 minutes ...
        Thank Dr. Xu Yao (Lanzhou University, China) for this suggestion.

May 20, 2019
Acycle v1.2 
    1. Signal/Noise generator: a GUI to replace old tools generating "sine wave", "red noise" and "white noise";
    2. Evolutionary spectral analysis: add one option for zero-padding both top and bottom of series, this is to add back the missed half-window due to the sliding window methods. [Thank Dr. Nicolas R. Thibault (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) for this wonderful suggestion.]
    3. Evolutionary spectral analysis: add sub-panels showing 2-pi-MTM power spectrum and data-series [Thank Daniel R. Franco (Department of Geophysics, National Observatory, Brazil) for this wonderful suggestion.]
    4. Support SPACE in file name and folder name.
    5. COCO: detect test limits of sedimentation rate automatically.

Acycle v1.1:

    1. eCOCO: save optimal sed. rate as a text file: "*.ECOCO.Optimal.txt";
    2. eTimeOpt: save optimal sed. rate as a text file: "*.eTimeOpt.txt";
    3. TimeOpt and eTimeOpt use Taner roll-off rate of 1012 ;
    4. Put back lost smoothci.m and smoothciML.m files;
    5. Icons in the main window: remove borders of each button;
    6. Fix a bug in Plot Digitizer;
    7. Add a Mini-robot GUI.

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