Dear colleagues,
We are convening an AGU session entitled “GP003 - Chronostratigraphy using Magnetic Methods” (San Francisco, 9-13 Dec 2019) and soliciting for presenters. We warmly welcome you to present your work here at AGU. 
Please feel free to forward this advertisement to all potential colleagues. The abstracts deadline is Wednesday, 31 July at 23:59 EDT. 
Thank you.


Session Title: GP003 - Chronostratigraphy using Magnetic Methods
Session Description: Paleomagnetic and rock magnetic methods are important for assigning both numerical and relative time to geological sequences. Magnetostratigraphy and correlation to the Geological Polarity Time Scale (GPTS) constitute a standard dating and correlation tool in the Earth sciences, applicable to a wide variety of sedimentary rock types formed in different environments, ranging from continental to marine. Astronomically-forced climate cycles encoded rock-magnetically have enabled high-resolution time calibration of sedimentary sequences from the Neogene to the Precambrian. These techniques allow improvement of the GPTS, better dating of the geological record, increased understanding of paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental changes, and resolution of sedimentation dynamics in tectonically active basins. This session invites contributions that use magnetostratigraphy to date and correlate sedimentary sequences and rock magnetic methods to assign high-resolution chronostratigraphy to sedimentary sequences. We would also welcome studies that integrate magnetic chronostratigraphy with isotopic dating, bio-, cyclo- and chemostratigraphic records.
Invited Presenter: Luca Lanci (Università degli Studi di Urbino "Carlo Bò")
Mingsong Li (Pennsylvania State University;
Kenneth P Kodama (Lehigh University;
Linda Hinnov (George Mason University;
Luigi Jovane (Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo;

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